Den nya liturgin

“The new liturgy was simply not formed by saints, homines religiosi, and artistically gifted men, but has been worked out by so-called experts, who are not at all aware that in our time there is a lack of talent for such things. Today is a time of incredible talent for technology and medical research, but not for the organic shaping of the expression of the religious world. We live in a world without poetry, and this means that one should approach the treasures handed in from more fortunate times with twice as much reverence, and not with the illusion that we can do it better ourselves.” (Dietrich von Hildebrand, The Devastated Vineyard)


Om hilaron

Katolik, gift, matematikstudent, jobbar på äldreboende. Älskar Gud, Maria, min fru, min familj, mina vänner, mina fiender. Allt vilar i Guds händer!
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